Almighty. Keep us from being distracted as there’s so much going on around us. It’s easy to focus on failure, frustration and fatigue. But we mustn’t. Instead, help us to take it one step at a time because we know You’re in full control. May we surrender to Your Decree. Aameen.


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Publish on January 22, 2021

With only a week left in the blessed month, #Ramadan it’s common to start feeling a bit worn out by this time. One important tip to renew our motivation to help us end strong is to always remember the Hereafter & the rewards that await us! It will be worth every bit. Keep going!

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" ভালোবাসা কাকে বলে জানো ? আল্লাহকে না দেখেও প্রতিটি সিজদাতে অনুভব করি আমরা, হ্যাঁ - এটাই হলো ভালোবাসা ! "