My Lord! Forgive me, and my parents, and those who enter my house as believers, and the believing men and believing women, and only increase the destruction of the wrongdoers. (Surah Nooh: 71:28)


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Publish on January 23, 2021

Don’t mock or look down on someone who’s trying to change for the better. Not everyone is on the same level of piety. Their baby steps might be so beloved by the Almighty that it could be their ticket to Paradise! It’s best to focus on ourselves and not what others are doing.

I'm a revert girl and financially independent (Alhamdulillah). I reverted when I was 17.
My parents are pressuring me to Marry a Hindu.
I haven't revealed my faith yet. Please pray for the consequences I will face after revealing my faith. Results are expected to be fatal.

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Andrew James Blair

Dire indeed I will offer duas for you. Allah will protect 🙏 and guide you.