Almighty. You’re the only One who knows the trials and tribulations we are facing in this life. Only You know our pain & discomfort. Only You are there for our grief and sorrow. Only You have the power to heal us, grant hope in our hearts and make us feel whole again. Aameen.


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Publish on July 27, 2021

No matter what difficulties you’re facing, know that the Almighty has your back. He’s there even when things seem hopeless. He’s there even when the circumstances are darker than you ever imagined. He’s there when everyone has given up on you. Place your trust and hope in Him!

Among the traits the Almighty has warned us to stay away from: arrogance and pride. Don’t be deceived into believing that arrogance is wisdom. Far from it! The wiser you are the more humble you should be. Remember, it is not all about you. Always consider those around you!

Life is short. Instead of quibbling over petty issues, make it a point to touch lives & hearts whenever you get the opportunity. Give, forgive & apologise. If you find difficulty doing it, make a commitment & start today. Focus your resources on things that matter.

Don’t become cynical. Don’t let this world harden you. Don’t allow your heart to stop feeling for others. Let people be mean and hateful. That’s not who you are and you don’t have to join in. You remain kind and sincere. Protect your heart and your inner peace at all times.

Good things take time and patience. Stop expecting everything to fall into place in a day. Be realistic. Life is a process. Take it one day at a time, one step at a time. Be a good person. Do good; do what’s right and things will work in your favour. Above all, be patient.

Satan’s goal is to create division and confusion. So be careful when confronted with situations which could potentially go that way. Be cautious and guarded in your reaction and don’t fall for the bait. He is waiting to see you mess up. Don’t give him that pleasure.

The sacrifice on #Eid is not mere slaughter but to show gratitude to the Almighty for His blessings & a means to feed the less fortunate. I wish you all a Blessed Eidul Ad-ha.
#EidMubarak #SelamatHariRayaKorban #BarkaDaSallah

Whether you're celebrating today or tomorrow, I wish you a Blessed Eidul Ad-ha.

Amid the strife and suffering going on around us, spare a thought for the less fortunate as you celebrate with loved ones! Keep them in your prayers.

#EidMubarak #SelamatHariRayaHaji

The Almighty loves it when you seek His help. When you pour your heart out to Him and ask fervently. His job is to make the impossible possible. So never think negatively of Him. We may not know what the future holds but we know who holds the key to the future!

Almighty. Our final moments of this blessed month have been marred by what’s going on in #Palestine and #Gaza. We pray for their safety. May peace and calm be restored. May You alleviate their suffering and all those going through similar scenarios the world over. Aameen .

Always ask the Almighty to grant us peace of mind. Don't let the noise around us distract us to the point where we can't figure out what He is doing for us. Instead of focusing on our problems, let us focus on His Plan for us. We need to bear patience & walk in obedience.

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