At times, we condemn good people because we disagree with them over a few issues. We refuse to see the good they’re doing. Disagreements do not automatically make a person extreme, bad or evil. Learn to distinguish between the one who respectfully disagrees & the one who is evil!


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Publish on July 27, 2021

Are you the impatient type? Be careful. Impatience can be dangerous. Instead of trusting the Almighty’s timing, you think you know better? Get out of this mindset. Lay your trust in what He’s doing. He’s the best planner right down to the last second.  Never doubt that.

Such is life. Sometimes friends & loved ones are the ones who hurt us most. Considering the nature of these relationships, some incidents can leave a deep wound, threatening to uproot friendships & harm family ties. Turn to the Almighty; only He can help you heal and forgive.

Just because they’re in your circle doesn’t mean they’re your real friends. Be careful who you befriend. Just because they hang out with you doesn’t mean they won’t stab you in the back. Pay attention to how they behave and react. You’ll be able to pick up the signs!

The Almighty can change your entire life in the blink of an eye. Have firm faith that He won’t burden you with more than you can handle. So move on; one step at a time, asking Him to grant strength & guidance. When He guides, no one can misguide! Trust the Lord of the Worlds!

When the Almighty gives you a new beginning, don’t repeat the same mistake. Instead have a heart filled with gratitude and thank Him for the second chance you’ve been given. Remember, not everyone gets it!

Almighty. As the pilgrims gather in #Arafah on this Great Day of #Hajj, we pray that You grant them ease & accept their acts of devotion and worship. May it be a day of total forgiveness for everyone. Aameen

They know they’re wrong; but some people find it so hard to apologize! It’s to do with their pride. You can never get them to say sorry, no matter how obvious their mistake or wrongdoing. Beware such pride; for even the size of a mustard seed can bar you from Paradise!

Take social media with a pinch of salt. Don’t let it determine your identity. The Almighty doesn’t care if you have one follower or a million. He looks at your heart and deeds. So don’t get caught up in the social media rat race. Use it wisely to promote what’s good & wholesome!

Don’t focus on the negatives. Don't let the rejection from a few make you miserable and stop you from seeing the acceptance of many! Such is life; you can’t please everyone so don’t even try. Focus on who is for you instead of those against you. That’s the way forward!

When you believe, it doesn’t mean the road ahead is smooth all the way. Far from it. Expect the Almighty to test you if you’re indeed true to your word. Remember, faith is not the belief that He will do what you want, it is the confidence in knowing that He will do what’s best.

Although we have heavy hearts thinking of our brothers and sisters in #Palestine, celebrating Eid does not prevent us from supplicating and supporting the oppressed in any way we can. May it be a means of elevation for them.

May the Almighty fill our hearts with compassion on this beautiful day of #Eid. Spread the joy to all around you and don’t forget to reach out to those in need. #EidMubarak to all of you. Have a beautiful time with your loved ones.

For everything that you’ve achieved, be grateful. It happened only with the Almighty’s Will. You may think you’ve not achieved much but by doing what you've done, you’ve given yourself the ability to live that little bit better today than yesterday. That’s what progress is about!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri
Maaf Zaahir Batin
Eid Mubarak

Whether you're celebrating Eid Thursday or Friday, may the Almighty bless you and your loved ones always. Aameen

Have a joyous Eid!


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