Don’t let negativity, fear and doubt control your thoughts. Always seek your strength from the Almighty. Keep the faith. Trust Him. He will empower you. He will pave a way out for you. He will never let you down. Keep praying. He will respond when the time is right.


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Publish on July 27, 2021

Almighty. We ask You to restore order amid the chaos around us. It’s hard to see clearly amid the confusion. We feel overwhelmed. Help us understand what’s going on but more importantly, restore peace in our hearts. We know You are with us and will never leave or forsake us.

Don’t be in a rush. Take things in your stride, one day at a time. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by what’s going on around you. Don’t overthink and worry about the nitty gritty. Do your best. Remember, the Almighty is in full control. He will protect you. You will see better days.

Don’t measure your worth according to who treated you badly, the boss who fired you, etc. The Almighty is All-Knowing. He’s protecting you from things you know nothing about now but will do so eventually. That’s the Mercy of our Lord. He always has our backs! Trust Him!

Before you post anything on social media, think! Come Judgement Day, you will be standing in the Court of the Almighty giving an account of every tweet, every comment, every post, every like, every swear word, etc. Would you be calm & happy or would you be sorry & embarrassed?

You’ll meet many people during your lifetime. It’s part of the Almighty’s Plan. Some will remind you of the repeated cycles you’ve experienced in your life. Others will steer you towards a new start. That’s why it’s important to attract the right kind of people into your life!

Make it a habit to live a positive life. Begin each day expecting the Almighty to bless you in amazing ways. Think good thoughts of Him. What’s the point of waking up each day expecting the worst? Don’t waste your precious life worrying, being anxious and stressed out always!

When people reveal their true colors, take note. The Almighty allowed it to happen for a reason. If they have been putting up a false front, now you know truth. Don’t let them convince you otherwise. Deal with it in the best possible manner. Be firm but polite & take your leave.

Don’t waste the most blessed days. Ten days is not a long time so be sure to fill your days with as much good as possible. The Almighty gives us these periods of spiritual boosts throughout the year. So purify your intent, make a plan and you’re on the way to accomplish much!

Every challenge the Almighty sends your way has a lesson attached to it. You’re meant to learn that lesson. You may be stuck in the same position for a long while if you do not understand what He’s trying to teach you. Once you embrace the test, moving on becomes easier!

Don’t fall into this trap. Don’t dwell on how privileged you are. It’s how you end the journey that matters. Strive to live a life that endears you to your Creator. Everything else is secondary. Keep asking for a good end. May He take us when He’s most pleased with us!

No matter how tempted you are, don’t form your own conclusion based on what you see. Why? Because you will never know the true situation if you’ve not walked in someone’s shoes. Remember, the ignorant sees only with his eyes. But the wise person sees with his heart and mind!

Give generously. No matter how small you think it is, every little bit helps. Every little bit can make a difference to those in need. Remember, a small charity that comes from the heart holds more weight with the Almighty than a big one done with so much noise and fanfare.

When you open your mouth to speak, only two things can happen. Your words will either be  for you or against you. There’s nothing in between. With that in mind, how can you be so negligent and just shoot your mouth off at anything & everything? Watch your words before you utter.

Words are powerful. What goes out may be too late to retrieve. So beware of hurtful speech that can wound a heart, almost impossible to heal. So speak good or be silent. Use your words to speak good. Speaking ill or bad will only harm you more in the end.

It's been 55 years and it hasn't come home!

Think about it this way. What's another few years? 

Keep trying! One day it has to come home.

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