Accept what happened in the past. Learn from it and move on so it doesn’t spoil your present. The Almighty’s plan is always the best; move ahead knowing that you have much in store for you. Don’t worry about what others say. That’s not your priority. Stop overthinking and live!


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Publish on July 29, 2021

Never be defined by your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence. Sometimes the people with the worst past, create the best future. Allah doesn't judge us on how bad we have been in the past, but rather on how good we strive to be now. Keep striving in a positive manner.

Don’t keep dwelling on your past. Acknowledge what happened and learn the lessons meant for you. The Almighty did that for a reason. It takes courage to leave the past behind & make that first move forward. Get out of the dark times and into the light of new and better days!

Almighty. Help us heal from all the violence & hatred that’s been happening lately. May we pursue justice not revenge, peace & not more violence. May healing come from our brokenness. May strength come from our vulnerability. Grant us ease, comfort us & protect us all. Aameen.

Mufti of the MJC of South Africa, Ml Taha Karan has passed away. A very great loss for the Ummah. He was THE leader in promoting responsible behaviour during Covid-19. May Allah Almighty forgive his shortcomings, grant him Paradise and make it easy for his loved ones. Aameen.

Time is one of the greatest blessings from the Almighty. Respect it and spend it wisely because once gone, you won’t get it back. Some don’t respect your time, because they are trying to satisfy their own priorities so when people don’t respect your time, stop giving it to them!

Let’s face it. There are things in life we wished we had done differently. It’s bound to happen. We’re humans. So as soon as you realize you've made a poor decision, it's not too late to correct it. You're not stuck in any situation as long as you refuse to accept that you are!

We live in a sad world. That’s the reality. We have people hating on others for being successful. They judge & criticize those who are trying to do better, get closer to the Almighty. The list goes on. Why can’t we mind our own business & just let people live? Is that so hard?

When you let your emotions get the better of you, be careful. When you start insulting others & calling them names, like dog, donkey etc, be careful. Are we not from the same species? Do we not share the same Creator? Remember, all the negativity you exude, will come back to you!

Don’t tell the story if you only know part of it. It’s a huge sin to make up or embellish stories. Besides, one sided stories are dangerous. Only fools would answer before they know the whole matter. Protect your tongue from becoming a gossip funnel. Fear the Almighty’s wrath.

Always ask the Almighty to help us focus on things that are good, pure, honorable, righteous, excellent & worthy of praise. Abandon thoughts that cloud our judgement, cause doubt & make us think ill of others! They’re the work of Satan. Good thoughts make all the difference!

There’ll always be brickbats and naysayers in life. That’s the nature of man. Always interested in other people’s lives. Learn to focus on your own journey. You will never reach your destination if you keep stopping and throwing stones at every dog that barks. Stay alert.

Are you often distracted? In this age of constant distraction, focus is crucial in our relationship with the Almighty. This focus is not only meant for our daily prayers but should cover every aspect of our lives. Living a distracted life leads nowhere. You’ll fall prey to Satan.

You may think it's easier to stay where you are than to follow a new path. Fear will make you feel this way. Satan will do his utmost to distract you if you’re trying to get close to the Almighty. Learn his tricks & stay firm in your journey. Seek your strength from the Almighty!

Why do we complain constantly? There’s a simple and fundamental reason for it: we lack a sense of contentment. The truth is we are often dissatisfied & this has taken over the place of contentment in our hearts. So everything that we say is a reflection of how we feel!

Don’t stress too much about your worldly affairs. Life is fragile. Today you’re here, tomorrow you’re gone. Take it in your stride. You’ll be spending forever in the Hereafter. Focus on doing good always to secure a better life. Satan will distract you, so remain vigilant!

It doesn’t matter what they think, it doesn’t matter what they say. If your intention is good, the results will be good eventually. The Almighty will take care of that. Don’t complicate things. Stay focused in your efforts. Let them not distract you from your main goal!

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